Insurance Company

VMS provides customized solutions to solve the challenges facing the wealth management industry today. Our solution sets can be used separately, or in combination, depending on your organization’s needs.



Services Used

Global Equities & FX Pricing
U.S Funds
  • Mil Rates
  • Audited NAVs
  • Dividend Calendars
  • Corporate Action Announcements
  • Daily Accrual Factors
  • Distribution Announcements


  • VMS and client work together to optimize delivery based on client’s service model
  • One trading source normalizes trades to any venue, creating an efficient engine and minimizing risk while providing access to an open architecture environment
  • Enables Omnibus and Super Omnibus processing which lowers Management Company expenses and potentially increases revenue payouts
  • Maintains accurate positions between the core accounting platform and the Management Company, allowing client correspondence to be generated with confidence
  • Accurately anticipates then reconciles income, providing a comfort level when advancing to clients
  • Delivers a robust revenue-tracking process to ensure 100% of what is due has been received and reconciled providing confidence of full disclosure to participants

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