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VMS Billing

VMS Billing stores contractual fee arrangements, calculates fee payments, and generates fee invoices for all third parties. Results are fed to G/L, Trust, and recordkeeping systems for seamless automation.


VMS Billing can help with the following areas:

  • Calculate participant fees, advisor fees, sponsor fees, recordkeeping fees, and plan level fees at multiple frequencies
  • Bill fees against participant accounts
  • Enable use of complex calculations
  • Add, maintain, and track multiple parties that are associated with a plan for fee payable/receivable purposes
  • Attach a payable/receivable party to each fee attached to the plan
  • Dictate payment via check or ACH
  • Add minimums at a fee level and/or an aggregated level across multiple fees attached to a plan
  • Track minimums and dictate effective and reset dates
  • Add a hierarchy for proration
  • Generate an invoice or advice and send copies to external systems for delivery per party or per plan
  • Support multiple invoice frequencies and generate invoices in advance
  • Track and age receivables

Used in conjunction with VMS Hub’s Revenue component, fees can be offset against incoming revenues or by forfeiture accounts via a transparent turnkey solution for revenue and fee collection.


Consolidates the massive inflow of data caused by multiple complex fee structures

  • Stores contractual fee arrangements, calculates fee payments and generates fee invoices
  • Supports multiple invoice frequencies
  • Tracks fee minimums

Solves for revenue tracking of service fees from fund families

  • Reconciles conflicting data stored in inconsistent formats
  • Completes the workflow needed to ensure compliance with the Plan
  • Provides transparency back to the underlying institution, plan and participant

Tracks all Billing & Payable parties involved in fee calculations/collections and optimizes entire billing process

  • Creates invoices quickly and accurately and bills fees to participant accounts
  • Eliminates labor-intensive manual processes
  • Reduces missed revenue opportunities and potential regulatory issues


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VMS Billing reduces RISK by providing transparency, trackability and accuracy, reduces strain on RESOURCES by eliminating inefficiencies, and maximizes REVENUE by identifying missed revenue opportunities.

VMS Billing Use Case


The Client

Retirement plan provider that has experienced tremendous growth, both organically and through acquisitions, saw a tremendous increase in the complexity of its billing procedures, requiring far too much manual effort.


The Solution

VMS worked with the client to integrate VMS Billing with the client’s existing systems for recordkeeping, trust, general ledger accounting, and content management.


The Result

Fewer missed billing opportunities

Increased operational productivity

Improved quality of billing information

Reduced billing cycle time

Increased process improvement