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VMS Data

VMS Data automates the delivery of high-quality, reliable data from best-of-breed providers of mutual fund, global equity, and global fixed income data:


Mutual Funds

With a fully systematic, exception-based process for 100% of open-end mutual funds, VMS significantly improves the accuracy, speed, and completeness of fund pricing, income processing, and statement generation.

  • Audited NAVs
  • Dividend & Corporate Action Announcements
  • Daily Accrual Factors
  • Dividend Calendars

Content powered by VMS’ directly-sourced, proprietary process

Equities & FX

Covering an extensive range of global equities and other financial instruments, VMS provides a rich, data-intensive security master file with ongoing Worldwide Corporate Action and Worldwide Dividend information.

  • 60,000 Global Equities
  • 5,500 ETFs
  • F/X Rates for 168 currencies
  • ADRs
  • Worldwide Corporate Actions

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Global Bonds &
Reference Data

Setting a new standard for evaluated pricing data for fixed income and derivative instruments around the world, VMS supports pricing, transparency, and liquidity data for multiple security types.

  • 2.5M Fixed Income & Derivative Instruments
  • 90,000 Corporates & Sovereigns
  • 1.1M Municipals
  • 1.2M Securitized Products (e.g. MBS, ABS)

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VMS Data delivers a unique combination of comprehensive, timely, and customized delivery of mission-critical data:


Bring all financial data together in a single source

  • Collection from multiple direct sources and best-of-breed data partners
  • Full coverage of mutual funds, equities, fixed income & reference data
  • Cost-effective integration into the core operational workflow

Cleanse and audit data into a standard format to meet specific requirements

  • Strict validation protocols used to programmatically screen and validate data
  • Client-specific security master file maintained and audited
  • Process allows cycles to begin sooner, resulting in long-term cost savings

Seamlessly integrate high-quality, reliable data into system(s) in real time

  • Customized data feeds & transmission methods to simplify intake of data
  • Fully systematic, exception-based process for paying dividends
  • Exceptional client support through 24-hour service center


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Service models are fully-aligned with our clients to ensure the lowest total cost of ownership and greatest opportunities for growth.

VMS Data Use Case


The Client

Bank trust and family office service provider – transitioning from per client security master to a scalable security master hub and data service powered by VMS. With hundreds of bank trusts and family offices, individual pricing not scalable and created margin erosion.


The Solution

  • Audited NAVs for total universe of funds and ETFs 100% replacement away from current provider
  • Equity prices, exchange rates, security master detail and corporate actions Via strategic partner w/ global coverage in 160+ mkts
  • Fixed Income evaluated pricing and reference data 99.3% coverage of Securities of Interest on most sophisticated customer

The Result

Client experiencing a superior data service both in terms of data coverage and customer service, higher operating margins, an estimated 25% lower cost structure and better aligned economics for growth.